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Who we are

We are leaders in the provision of specialized legal services, strategic consultancy for legal text drafting, training in Public and Private Law, as well as experts in public procurement. With 16 years of business experience and 24 years of professional practice, Inés María Baldeón B., our founding partner, manages a team of 70 national and non-national interdisciplinary professional members, plus several offices at country level and abroad.
We are recognized as opinion leaders due to our highly specialized skills and continuing innovation efforts, and also because “we say what we do and we do what we say”.

Advising & Counseling

Our multidisciplinary team, comprised of specialized national and international lawyers, provides strategic legal services for the appropriate design, structuring, execution and completion of public and private projects: we offer our clients legal guidance and recommendations based on the alternatives available, and depending on each case circumstances, we strive to optimize the outcomes in favor of our clients, covering all the relevant branches of the law —labor, tax, corporate, contracts, etc.

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We are experts at training public and private sector personnel on numerous and current matters related to Public Procurement Law, Competition/Antitrust Law, Administrative Law, Public-Private Partnerships, Corporate Law, State-owned Companies, and in general in corporate-related matters.

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We consider our Consulting Services as of specialized and technical nature, our entire expertise being applied to and focusing on public and private, national and international, business and governmental settings, in order to create tailor-made or comprehensive solutions, providing companies and institutions with the tools, the legal grounds, the methodology and primarily the professional support required to achieve their objectives as planned.

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Based on our large experience in the provision of specialized advisory, consultancy and training services, we have gained a significant level of knowledge; therefore, we are committed to sharing it and spreading it beyond our own needs—internal staff members or clients—, and to doing so on an ongoing basis, authoring and publishing books, indexed articles, and developing IT tools such as “YANAPAY RANTIY”, a software used to consolidate all the information relating to Public Procurement, to successfully administer contracts and to find out about the several options to enter into contracts with the public sector.

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